Dear delegates:


  In order to facilitate your interaction with other delegates, the department of academics reminds those who haven’t delivered your poster for the essay exhibition to submit as soon as possible. Also, for those who haven’t confirmed with printing out the poster either by the host team or delegates themselves, please do so before this Friday (July 8th).

  The purpose of this exhibition is to share your brilliant thoughts with visitors and obtain others’ points of view quickly and efficiently, without spending a long time reading the whole essay. In this manner, we strongly suggest you not to copy down too many words from your essay but to brief your main arguments in a creative and concise way. Graphs, charts, flows or any other interactive tools may be appreciated.

    Given the official deadline is passed, the late submissions should be sent to: title your e-mail as “Poster PIN”.  For more details please refer to the program shown on the website.

 If you still have questions about the poster or exhibition, please don’t hesitate to ask via e-mail ( The GIS host team will be at your disposal.


  Thanks for your attention.


Best wishes,

GIS 2011 Host Team

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