Dear Delegates of GIS Taiwan 2011,

     As our conference draws closer, the host team has begun to process the flight subsidy of all delegates.
     May we remind you to please remember in order for the host team to receive your flight subsidy from our university, you MUST provide us with your Boarding Pass (original copy) when you arrive to check-in on July, 10 or 11.
     Due to the change of "stricter" regulations, the accounting office of the university has informed the host team today that the price of your ticket fare must be printed on your electronic flight ticket copy in order for us to receive your flight fee. If your ticket doesn't have the price printed on it, the alternative solution is to provide us with your electronic copy of Flight Ticket Payment Receipt. In both cases, we need to prove to the office how much you have spent.
     For those who are still missing the information, please send us your electronic copy of Flight Ticket Payment Receipt before JULY, 9. Reply to us via this letter for us to process your documents. The faster we get the receipt, the faster we can receive your flight subsidy!!
     For those who have yet sent us any documents, please remember the deadline is July, 3. The host team cannot assure delegates will receive their flight subsidy after the deadline. Please send the documents to
     Once again, may we remind you that in order for you to receive your subsidy, you must send us your receipt with the flight fee printed on it or else you will NOT be able to receive your subsidy.The DEADLINE is JULY, 9.
     GIS Taiwan 2011 thank you for your kindness and cooperation.
Best regards,
GIS Taiwan 2011
PS: For any questions in need of a quick reply, please leave a message on Facebook and our members will try to reply as soon as possible. And don't forget to choose your poster printing preference!
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