Dear Delegates of GIS Taiwan 2011,
     Within a week, Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan 2011 will be welcoming our delegates from all over world to Taiwan. On the letter the host team has sent to all delegates, you will find three important documents: the map of the hotel, the pick-up point and other transportation methods and the overview of delegates' check-in process. Please make sure to carefully read through all attached documents and plan out your tranportation.
     If you have any problem in advance, you can send emails to (Cindy).
     Please call 0916-856-393 (Cindy) or 0932-945-740 (May) if you encounter problems concerning your shuttle bus or other transportation-related matters.
     Please call 0916-856-393 (Cindy) or 0933-339-107 (Alistair) if you encounter problems concerning the check-in process.
      GIS Taiwan 2011 is excited and looking forward to making your stay in Taiwan as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Please remember to keep your boarding pass (original) and hand it to us during check-in. Also, don't forget to change money for the field trip (200NTD) and poster fees (300NTD).
     We look forward to seeing you soon. Bon voyage!!
Best regards,
GIS Taiwan 2011
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