Dear Delegates of GIS Taiwan 2011,


The host team would like to happily announce that GIS Taiwan 2011 is coming very soon, are all of you ready to come to our symposium? Here’s some of the important information you have to keep in mind before starting to pack for your trip! In the previous email we sent to ask every delegate to upload your poster which you’ll have to present it in the Essay Exhibition. Regarding to your preference of printing out the posters, please fill out the Google sheet linked ( ) before July, 1st to let us know whether you want us to print out the poster for you which each cost NT$300 paid by the delegate when checking in or you could print it out yourself and bring it to the symposium (which should be handed in when checking in as well).


For those who haven’t uploaded their posters, please do so as soon as possible. Also, for those who failed to rank the orders of workshops, you’ve yield up your selecting rights to us and we’ll make the announcement of the workshops of all the delegates on our website today. Please keep checking our website or our facebook group once for a while for the updated information. For any problem, you are welcomed to contact the host team via Thank you for your cooperation.


Sincerely yours,

GIS Taiwan 2011 Host Team

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