Dear Delegates of GIS Team 2011,

     The host team is delighted to announce that within a few weeks Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan 2011 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan. Please refer to the Downloads page for the results of this year’s workshop selection. Detailed information about the three different workshops can be found on the Program page below Conference.

Furthermore, please check your mailbox for a notification letter about the posters that will used during the essay exhibition. Be sure to use the Google sheet and select your preference whether to print out your poster or to entrust the task to the host team. Please note that a small fee collected if you choose not to print out the posters by yourself.

Please keep check our website or our Facebook group once for the latest information. If any problem occurs, you are welcomed to contact the host team via

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to your visit in July.

Sincerely yours,

GIS Taiwan 2011

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